Swimming shenanigans!

Easing into the sea, right foot first, thanking the Lord that I had had the sense to bring my ‘sea shoes’, I negotiated the stony bed with confidence. The water was cool to say the least but sure doesn’t it get warmer, the longer you’re in it. Walking out up to [...]

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Birthday Camping

I celebrated a birthday recently, it wasn’t a big birthday, though it was big enough. Jaysus, I’m 58, the next big birthday will be the big 6-0. How did that happen!! Well I’ve been celebrating as if it WAS a big birthday, between a grand lunch with three other aul ones [...]

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Liquid Gold

All cozied up in bed, I spotted the small rectangular shaped box standing on my bedside locker, strategically placed there by my good self the previous day.  This was no ordinary box, in fact, it contained a potential pot of gold, CBD oil. Sure hasn’t it worked WONDERS for lots of [...]

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To shag or not to shag, that is the question!!

What the feck!!  You couldn’t make it up...57 years of age and it’s like being a teenager again.  ‘Don’t you be sneaking any boys into your room or there’ll be consequences’.  Except now there would be legal consequences, as it’s actually against the law to have sex with someone from another [...]

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Hair today Gone tomorrow

Listen to Karen tell the story... As much as I love this wonderful sunny weather, it can play havoc with the makeup, for us aul ones.  Sure, isn’t it an awful nuisance when you go to the trouble of pencilling in your eyebrows, only to find, [...]

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As part of the Blog Tour for 'My Daughter’s Wedding', written by my good friend, Claire Baldry, I’m looking forward to reading this, her second novel. Having recently read her first book, 'Different Genes', which was difficult to put down, I feel sure you'll enjoy Claire's latest work.  Here is a [...]

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A tale of two titties and a gaudy pink sunchair

Listen to Karen tell the story... I had one of those routine mammograms last week, you know, the booby squash, where they basically stick your tits, one at a time, into what could only be described as 'a clamp' and literally squash the bejeysus out of [...]

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Hairy Mary Moments

Listen to Karen tell the story... Had a trip to physiotherapy last week. Jaysus I might as well have been going on a date, with all the preparation. In fact the last time I had gone to this particular physiotherapist, I ‘was’ going on a date. No, not with [...]

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Special Assistance

Listen to Karen tell the story... On a recent trip home to Ireland, I was a wrecked aul one, not wrecked from the drink, no, sure I’d had those awful shingles back again, and they drain the life out of you.  However, not to be deterred from [...]

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Had a great girls night out recently, with the girls of course.  There were eight of us in total and we had booked a Burlesque night about 10 miles away.  I was fierce excited.  Sure I’d always wanted to go to one of those.  The closest I’ve ever come to that, [...]

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