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Born and reared in a seaside village in the suburbs of Dublin, Ireland, Karen is first and foremost a Mum to two amazing sons and one awesome daughter.  These, she calls her ‘chicks’.  Karen is also very lucky to be Nana to two adorable grandchildren, her ‘squishes’.  Chicks and squishes combined, are the loves of Karen’s life.


Not having spoken until the age of two, when the arrival of a younger sister threatened her ingrained love of the limelight, family and friends would agree that Karen has more than made up for it since .  Often speaking faster than the speed of sound, her love of words has spilled out, not only from her voice box but also her fingers, as she busily taps the keyboard of her trusty Chromebook.  This chatty Nana has loved writing from a very early age! 


Karen’s first acknowledged literary accomplishment was 1st place in a class poetry competition, in school, at the ripe old age of nine.  The second came at seventeen, when she got eighth place and ‘highly commended’ in a national essay competition in Ireland.  Thereafter, life took over and writing a creative piece was the exception rather than the rule. 


Often referred to as vivacious, Karen’s core instinct came to the fore when motherhood fulfilled her beyond anything writing could have done at that time.  She worked as a legal secretary for 18 years.  ‘Everything has its own time, and there is a specific time for every activity under heaven (Ecclesiastes 3:1-8).


In the early noughties, always having been a sun worshipper, moving with her family to hotter climes was an exciting venture and once settled in sunny Spain, Karen had a complete career change.  Finding her communication skills a great strength, she carved a successful career, selling and renting property, once more using her colloquial talents to inspire people to make the move abroad, as she and her clan had done.  


During the recession, that exuberance for the land of sunshine, sand and sangria, was poured into the written word once more.  A newly divorced, Ms Glennon temporarily used her writing skills, describing interesting areas and lifestyles, for a local holiday website.  


Quite by chance, Karen soon found herself adding another string to her bow, working as a guide for a coach company bringing customers all over Spain.  Five days in Seville, ten in Madrid, even an evening at Benidorm Palace, this lucky lass found her enthusiasm for life returning.  Words spilled out once more as her outgoing, friendly, fun personality came to the fore, with the added joy of speaking another language, Spanish. 


For this typical Leo, having a microphone was like giving a dog a bone as she came alive, having the craic with the customers, sharing the history and culture of the cities they visited.  Those words just kept coming, as she expressed, in typical Karen fashion whatever entertaining thought came into her head, with the help of that mike.  Though some would argue that Karen doesn’t need a mike!


Karen’s work as a guide helped her creativity to return.  During this time, now a Nana, she would tuck her precious little squishes, born in Spain, into bed at night and regale them with stories.  Her imagination flowed with colourful visions, which these adorable youngsters enjoyed.  The youthful wisdom and absolute faith the children had in Nana, that she should write these stories down and publish them, persuaded her to type her creations up while still fresh in her mind and there they stayed, saved in emails, in the days before ‘The Cloud’, in cyberspace!


Some time later, Karen made a new life in the UK, near her growing family, close to some chicks and both squishes (who now resided on English soil).  Housebound, recovering from the first episode of what was to be recurring shingles, Karen’s blog was born.  Seeing the funny side of even the most compromising of situations, what better way to share her thoughts once more, than online.  


Often written with a few Irish expletives or sayings, the posts are created with a witty, sometimes satirical slant, based mostly on real-life events.  Some posts are also recorded. The stories are at times embellished a little, to make them more interesting but which parts are true, are for you, the reader, to decide.

Welcome to Karen’s World!  

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