Twas 4 days after lockdown

 When all through the streets

Not a creature was stirring

 No one-to-one meets

The windows were open

 The hall doors were too

Occupants smiling

 They knew what to do

All of a sudden

 The streets came to life

With sense of community

 No trouble or strife

The big hand at 12

 The small one at eight

Meant synchronised clapping

 Not a moment too late

Neighbours and friends

 Looked out at each other

Acknowledging kinship

 At a time like no other

As our fearless frontline 

 Tirelessly strives

To keep the fight going

 Saving our lives

Washed hands slapped together

 In thunderous applause

To salute our key workers

 Helping this cause

Goosepimples crawled 

 Up the arms of some folk

A feeling of camaraderie

 In their hearts now awoke

At the end of the day

 We’re fighting a war

And it’s bringing back strength

 Long seen before

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