As part of the Blog Tour for ‘My Daughter’s Wedding’, written by my good friend, Claire Baldry, I’m looking forward to reading this, her second novel. Having recently read her first book, ‘Different Genes’, which was difficult to put down, I feel sure you’ll enjoy Claire’s latest work.  Here is a short extract from her novel ‘My Daughter’s Wedding’


This is the part of the novel, where angry emotions start to run high. The family are discussing who should be invited to the wedding.


Charlotte changed the subject. “This is my invitation list, Mum. Have I missed anyone out?” She passed the handwritten paper to Angie, and Angie ran her eyes over the list. She was pleased that Charlotte had remembered to include Alison. “What does it mean if someone is underlined?” “They’re the people who will only be invited for the evening.” 

Angie looked directly at her daughter. “I think you’ve underlined Martin’s name by mistake.” 

“No, Mum, it’s not a mistake. I thought, as he’s not really family, it would be better if he just came in the evening, out of respect for Dad.” 

Martin was standing in the kitchen doorway, listening. 

“And did you not consider my feelings, and Martin’s?” Angie’s face was growing red. 

“I warned you not to do this, Charlotte,” interrupted Ollie. “You have to accept that people move on.” 

“But I don’t want him at my wedding, taking Mum’s attention and pretending to be family. Joe’s even calling him ‘Grandpa’ now.” Charlotte was on a roll. “I can’t bear to think of him sleeping with Mum. It’s disgusting. Two old people having sex. If that man is at the wedding it will ruin my day,” Charlotte continued. Unable to stop herself, she addressed Martin. “You don’t mind, do you? After all, you haven’t known Mum long. It’s my wedding day, and you wouldn’t want to ignore my feelings.”

Martin picked up his car keys and walked towards Charlotte. “You have made your feelings very clear, Charlotte. Joe’s in the kitchen with a drink. Someone needs to keep an eye on him.” Martin walked out of the flat, and slammed the door.

No one moved or spoke until Angie finally stepped into the kitchen and sat with Joe. She heard Ollie raise his voice. “You’ve gone too far, this time, Charlotte. You’ve always been self-centred, but this wedding has turned you into a megalomaniac.” He walked into the kitchen and spoke gruffly to Joe, “Come on, Joe, we’re going, and leave that bloody stick behind!” Ollie grabbed Charlotte’s hand and pulled her out of the flat with Joe following. 


Some hours later, Charlotte and Joe arrive back at Angie’s flat suitcase in hand.  Is the wedding cancelled? Sorry I can’t give away any more of the story.

Claire Baldry

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